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Last comments


07523432700 or +447523432700

Daisy commented 08/05/2021
Weird number kept 1 ringing breathing


07721661900 or +447721661900

You are tremendously out of ur mind commented 08/05/2021
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01132304282 or +441132304282

If u want to call me commented 08/05/2021
5623306200 feel free homeboy


01132304282 or +441132304282

Joey commented 08/05/2021
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07379490334 or +447379490334

Oh sonu were with them commented 08/05/2021
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07721661900 or +447721661900

Hell no im all joeys dont u get it looser commented 08/05/2021
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07721661900 or +447721661900

Cindy tells it commented 08/05/2021
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07866814783 or +447866814783

Shut your mouth commented 08/05/2021
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07866814783 or +447866814783

Cindy says commented 08/05/2021
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07917076447 or +447917076447

alfuk commented 08/05/2021
TEXT telling me a C Jones was being paid £249 out oof my NHBC bank accout